Exhibition of artworks "Golden Bug"

By the City Day in Nikolaev the exhibition of artworks "Golden Bug" will again take place. The exposition will demonstrate the results of the May plein air, in which a dozen artists showed Nikolaev the look of ordinary passers-by. The paintings collected in the exhibition were created by twelve artists from different parts of Ukraine during the art plein air, which lasted 10 days at the end of May this year. On their canvases, the servants of art depicted the city as seen by passers-by, busy with their thoughts and not paying attention to the surrounding beauty. The purpose of the event remains the popularization of Nikolaev as a modern industrial Ukrainian city, which is developing in various fields. Artists from Nikolaev, Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev and Rzhishchev took part in the Golden Bug art plein air.

Among them: Nina Bondarenko, Alina Khrapchinskaya, Vladislav Guryev, Oksana Krinichnaya, Vasily Telichko-Evert, Andrey Kutsachenko, Natalya Tretyakova, Sergey Kovalenko, Karina Voloshko, Alexey Dmitriev, Lyudmila Ganushevich, Sergey Dupliy.